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Outsourcing Done Right

What is Outsoucing?


Outsourcing can be as large as taking an entire IT, Marketing or Video Production project and having a company, like Chunk Munk, do the work for you at a negotiated cost to as small as needing to augment some of your existing workforce

Oh yes, there have been many scary outsourcing projects, or horror stories! Man companies have tried, many companies have failed!

Oh it can be Scary!
The Benefits are there!

But the benefits of outsourcing can be great, if done right. You can see a greater skill set for a lower cost, faster time to delivery, and some great long term relationships.

This is why companies keep trying, with varied success. Some know the model well, some know the way many outsourcing companies run their business

Persistence is the key?
Find the right Provider

It’s best to find a company that mimics your goals, your direction, and what ultimately will make you successful. There’s many companies that promise low costs, but their business doesn’t lend to scalable or successful products

With Chunk Munk we will reduce your labor costs and reduce your risk all while increasing your efficiency and time to market or production. We are leaders in technical efficiency using Agile based methodologies. What’s that mean? We get to your end goal quicker with impeccable communication and collaboration, to make you successful. From a new venture with an idea on a napkin to a Fortune 500 company project, we’ve done it. All on North American time zones, by top Canadian Talent.

Outsource with Chunk Munk
We see the Value

Let’s face it, it’s through your success that makes us successful. Our model is based on furthering your success over making money on a single contract. Your Success is Our Success. 

Why Outsource to Canada? 


The technology industry in Canada is the fastest growing economic sector in the country. Canadian tech firms invest approximately $10 billion on innovation each year. 

This means technology and marketing are pillars of the Canadian economy. With that comes top quality talent. Being that the Canadian dollar is the lowest in years, this provides an immediate discount to most countries around the world. 

Tried outsourcing before and hit the “time-zone” issue? Outsource to a proven market, with top quality talent, producing some of the most advanced solutions and marketing campaigns, within North American time-zones, for a discounted price. Ya I know, Contact Us to find out more!

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