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Chunk Munk CMR

Market Research Done Right

Our Comparative Market Research will outline all competitors, opportunities for growth, and areas for improvement.

Combine our other services for a 

full end to end solution

What we do!

As part of the Comparative Market Research program, we’ll investigate your current product and service offerings and compare them against the market. We’ll look at how your offerings compare to other ones in your demographic as well as against to the market leaders. We’ll then provide our Chunk Munk™ Market Analysis to you in our proprietary format outline where you compare to your competition and any suggestions in pricing, marketing, and product or service development that will help you pull away from the pack!

Why are we Successful?

Even within a 4-6 month engagement, we take our time. We learn YOUR business and make recommendations on what will work within YOUR environment. We don’t just hand you a document and a bill. We work WITH YOU to implement new changes, integrate new processes, and understand how they have impacted YOUR bottom line. We document everything along the way and make sure YOU understand everything.

When we leave, our goal is that your business is running smoother, operating more efficiently, and making more money. Anything less is a failure in our books. We are successful because we care.

Investing into Chunk Munk is investing into the right solutions, through the right decisions, by the right people, at the right time.

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