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Product Development

Do you have a physical product to develop? Need an industrial or mecahnical design? Some electirical engineering or board design? Let us help you reach your goal!

System Architecture

Through extensive experience with complex projects we will custom design the best architecture for your needs

Risk assessment, Capabilities, Limitations, costs, performance

Connected Hardware

Taking your connected hardware concept from idea to reality. If it's enhancing a product with cellular or creating a new product from scratch we can help

Wireless, cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth® and more

Power Design

Whether it's a high-power requirements for industrial equipment or the ultra-low power requirement of Internet connected devices, we can design efficient, reliable solutions.

AC, DC, Li-Ion NIMH, non-contact inductive charging, USB, PoE and more.

Smart Sensors

We have vast experience working with the best input types on the market. We build an embedded solution needed to integrate your system with the outside world. 

Video, audio, image, temperature, vibration, sensor data, and more

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