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Enterprise Software development

Chunk Munk is an industry leader in scaleable software development. We build award winning teams that outperform the rest. Startups, SMB, and Fortune 500. 

Custom Applications

Bring your idea to life with an enterprise grade application at the most competitive pricing in the market

Source Code Management

We leverage industry standard source code management techniques to make sure your code is managed and protected at all times. Yes, of course you can have access to it!


We have combined experience in some of the largest and most complex projects. In order to be successful we know and practice building a high quality product. You should be empowered to grow your business, not stuck at sustaining it.

Software Lifecycle

Build, deploy, test, repeat. We have been involved in defining the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in some of our larger clients. We lead and mentor industry leading practices to make sure every deployment is successful 




SQL Server



Business Intelligence


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