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Investing into the Future

Have The Next Big Idea?


Do you have the next big idea? The next big product, website, or social media home run? 

Don't have the cash to invest into building your new product, the know-how to bring it to market or how to make it profitable?

No worries, our CRED program was specifically created to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams. 

We'll work together to get you there.

How it Works!


We've all had a golden idea! A new product, a new website, the next new social media platform, or an idea that could be the next big thing. However, it can get quite overwhelming deciding which direction to take, how to develop it, how to manage it, how to market it, how to fund it, how to sell it, how to…. And the costs can start piling up.


The Chunk Munk™ CRED Assistance Program was created for start-up, small or medium sized business without the capital to grow to the next level. If your company qualifies, we’ll offer different levels of payment options and cost supplement programs to fit your business. With our experience raising funds for previous start ups, we can even help you design a financing package for prospective investors.


Ask about the Chunk Munk™ CRED Program when getting your free estimate.


Here's how we do it:



We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. What does this mean? It means we are legally not allowed to take your idea and sell or it do it ourselves. It means any information, data, or otherwise you share with our staff is safe and protected.



We will investigate the viability of your idea or product. We will look into profitability, competitors, market, projected sales, operational costs, etc



We provide options. Typically up to 3 based on your specific project. They all consist of one thing; we help you get your idea to market by funding, or co-funding your project!



Your idea comes to life and you make Money!

Why are we Successful? 

We learn YOUR business and make recommendations on what will work within YOUR environment. We work WITH YOU to integrate new processes and understand how they have impacted YOUR bottom line. We document everything along the way and make sure YOU understand everything.

Our goal is that your business is running smoother, operating more efficiently, and making more money. Anything less is a failure in our books. We are successful because we care.

Investing into Chunk Munk is investing into the right solutions, through the right decisions, by the right people, at the right time.

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