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Chunk Munk IPO

About our IPO


In the Internal Process Optimization (IPO) solution, we dive into your organization investigating and tracking your internal processes and communication streams. We document everything we find and provide recommendations on where improvements are required, are nice to have, and are not needed. We’ll streamline your business optimization communication and efficiency lowering your organizations operational expenses.

How it Works!

Good, successful businesses are founded on one key aspect, do what you’re good at. If you have a Sales background, find someone to help with the Finances. If you have a Financial background, leverage people who are experts at Marketing.

Well, we’re good at learning and adapting new businesses. We’re good at building IT departments. We’re good at optimizing processes, teaching how to properly manage priorities, and how to effectively plan your project growth.

In most cases, we can learn a new business, company, and overall personal within 4-6 months. Within this time, we can help implement new processes, documentation, and recommend future direction for greater return on investment.

Are you a company with a sub-par IT department? Are you continuously behind on your timelines? Does it seem like your projects are always over budget? Your production software or environment is always having issues? Have you tried EVERYTHING to change it for the better?

Here's what we do:




We will integrate one or more of our successful team into your organization.



We will first assess the current state of your solutions, processes, teams, and environments.



Then we will work with your executive or management team to slowly implement new processes, best practices and procedures. We will help you get to where you want to go.

Why are we Successful?

Even within a 4-6 month engagement, we take our time. We learn YOUR business and make recommendations on what will work within YOUR environment. We don’t just hand you a document and a bill. We work WITH YOU to implement new changes, integrate new processes, and understand how they have impacted YOUR bottom line. We document everything along the way and make sure YOU understand everything.

When we leave, our goal is that your business is running smoother, operating more efficiently, and making more money. Anything less is a failure in our books. We are successful because we care.

Investing into Chunk Munk is investing into the right solutions, through the right decisions, by the right people, at the right time.

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