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Chunk Munk PMO

About our PMO


The Chunk Munk Project Management Office (PMO) handles all technical projects, inquires and contracts. We have an amazingly talented and proven team that can offer services in Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Software Development, Business Intelligence, and of course Project Management. We have specialized talent in creating SAAS (Software as a Service) businesses. Combine our Chunk Munk™ PMO, CMR and IPO services for an end-to-end solution that will make you a success!

How do we do it?

We are industry leaders in Agile Methodologies. We work efficiently, as a cohesive team towards a common goal. No one does it better.

What's that mean to you? Well we work faster and produce better quality. We learn what you need and provide you exactly that, and because we work efficiently, we often do it for less than all of our competitors. 

Software Development

Whether a website, custom application, database, mobile app, integration between two systems, customizations to existing solutions, we have you covered. We’ve assembled the best of the best. We are a leader in the software community with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates, if not the highest. We will not only bring your solution to life, we will make it better than you’ve ever imagined.

Business Analysis

Have a project, website, or technical solution but not quite sure what needs to be done or how. Let our Business Analysis team show you how it’s done with expert analysis of your current state, your future state, and documented details and best practices on how to get there. Follow our Chunk Munk Blueprint to success

Quality Assurance

Quality is extremely important to us. Hey, it’s our reputation, and your business on the line. Far too many IT companies quote quality as important, but then delivery bad quality projects over budget and over time. Included in all of our projects are quality checks. Whether it’s peer review, code review, integrated code tests, or a full test suite from our QA team, your solution will be tested, proven and ready for production. We will work with you to determine the depth of our quality checks and how they fit into your budget, but rest assured, our base quality is miles ahead of any of the competition.

Project Management

We are industry leaders in Agile Project Management. We have held training classes, courses, and seminars in some of Calgary’s largest corporations teaching them how to properly run and manage Scrum projects. We helped small to medium sized companies implement Scrum based methodologies into their business making them more profitable within 6 months. That’s right, where most people fail trying to adapt to changes, we succeed. Where people struggle to keep projects on time and within budget, we effectively manage. And where companies fail implementing Agile, Scrum or even basic Project Management, we teach them.

Business Intelligence

The newest craze in the industry and why not, your business is full of important information, no? We will help you harness that information to earn more revenue, operate more efficiently, and ultimately be more profitable. With the current market, simply building or buying a new solution might not be feasible for you. Instead, we can help make the current ones work while developing a strategy for the future.

IT Support

Who would we be if we didn’t have fantastic team to back us up? Let’s face it, no matter how many quality checks you put in place or how in depth you make your requirements, there will be times where things break, or functionality “tweaks” are required. We have one of the most responsive IT Support teams in the industry. When we state “Your Success is Our Success”, we believe it, we live by it. A lot of our competitors seem to forget this, but we know if we keep you, your company, and your solutions operational, efficient, and making you happy, we will get more work, either through additional services or upgrade through yourself, or referrals to others. We understand how business works, that truly “Your Success is Our Success”.

Investing into Chunk Munk is investing into the right solutions, through the right decisions, by the right people, at the right time.

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